Regular Scanning

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For the majority of our clients having their documents scanned at regular intervals means office space can be kept free from filing cabinets and cupboards which will free up office space and cut down storage costs.

The benefits of scanning regularly include:

  • Space saving
  • Faster access to vital documents
  • Multi-user access across your network
  • Quicker responses to your customers and suppliers
  • Increased security of your documents
  • Save money on storage

We can arrange to collect and digitise your paper documents when you need us to, whether that’s every day, week, fortnight or month. We will work with you to ensure there is no disruption to your routine and we deliver a service that’s right for you.

Flexibility is key

At Complete Scanning we know that there’s no such thing as one service fits all. We understand that all companies have their own filing methodologies and systems that they use on a daily basis. With this in mind the first step is for us to listen to you and your requirements; understand how you work today and discuss a solution that will work seamlessly for you.

How would it work?
  • A Scanning and document specialist would meet and discuss your requirement with you.
  • A solution or service is agreed and a Service Level Agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties
  • Your documents are either collected by us or delivered via your preferred method on an agreed date and time
  • We scan and digitise your documents to the agreed turnaround time at regular intervals in line with your business needs and processes
  • We return your scanned, electronic versions in the agreed format
  • Your originals are either returned or confidentially shredded
  • Regular scanning is perfect for: Purchase Invoices, Personnel Records, Proof of Deliveries, Project files, Site Files, Contract files, Process Control Sheets and many more.
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