The search for fast, easy retrieval ends here….!

At Complete Scanning we believe in providing our clients with a solution that’s right for them, that may be a fully networked software solution or it may be an easy to use portable media (CD/DVD or a USB drive) retrieval system such as Find and View.  If you require a scanning solution where accessing your documents from portable media is more than adequate then Kodak’s Find and View software is the right solution for you.

A little more about Find and View

There are many operational reasons to scan documents. The benefits include compact, secure storage and simplified electronic distribution and duplication. Intelligent character recognition and other automation that can shorten processing cycles. However, we understand that the lasting value of stored documents lies in their content. To help users access their documents inexpensively, Kodak developed a simple, yet powerful retrieval application called Find and View which is the application we provide Free of Charge when scanning to portable media.

With a few clicks of a mouse button, the application lives up to its name by searching for and displaying the documents needed. Using Find and View, it’s quick and easy to access images and the information they contain to keep work moving. And if you need to share information, you can just click to print or e-mail documents, or to save as PDF.

Put document content to work quickly and easily.

Viewing your images

State-of-the-art viewer brings you the big picture and the details. Perhaps the most powerful characteristic of Find and View is its ability to present full images, rather than reduced-quality thumbnails. This makes it easier to pick out the page you want, regardless of zoom factor. And the software can zoom to full or magnified view almost instantly.


With Find and View you can easily:

  • Display one, four, eight, sixteen, or 32 images at a time for quick viewing.
  • Rotate, zoom up, and zoom down your view of one image, selected images, or all images within a retrieved document.
  • Drag a magnifier window to enlarge any area of a reduced-size document for faster research.
  • Apply a magnifier window to the same area on all pages to pick out the one detail of interest, such as a dollar amount or signature, from multiple invoices.

Cut through your paperwork with our easy-to-use Find and View Application.

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