What format can you deliver my documents back in?

The answer is how would you like them delivered back?

As part of the consultation process we would ascertain what you were wanting to do with the documents once converted. Whether they are going into an existing LOB (Line of Business system) such as Sage, Microsoft Dynamics or something bespoke or alternatively you may want to have them scanned for archiving purposes only to store on DVD. Whatever your requirement we will do our best to support you.

The most common image format is Adobe PDF and more so now Adobe PDF/A (ISO certified image format). The reason for this is that the viewer (Adobe Reader) is free and also has it’s own in-built search facility. N.B. to use this facility you must request from your scanning provider that they scan the documents as searchable PDF’s.

Another popular format is TIF (Tagged Image Format) as it is smaller in size and is often used when importing into Document Management systems

Once scanned we can provide your images back to you in many different ways e.g. DVD/CD, SFTP, portable Hard Disk etc. We also offer an encryption service which ensures peace of mind whilst in transit.

What size of document can be scanned?

We can scan any size of document from till receipts to A0 drawings.

Can you scan in colour?

At Complete Scanning we use the very latest Kodak scanners which can scan in colour and black & white at varying resolutions from 100 to 600dpi (dpi – dots per inch, the more dots in an area give a larger but better quality image)

The resolution of the images will depend on your requirements and what you wish to do with the images post scanning. For example if you are wanting to store them for retrieval purposes only then 200dpi will give you a nice crisp image and keep the size of the image lower and therefore reducing the amount of storage space required on your computers. However for producing searchable PDF’s we would use 300dpi which will give the software a better quality image to be able to read the text on the page.

How quickly can you scan my documents?

A question we are often asked.

It depends on how many pages or documents you need converting, how they are stored and the level of preparation and indexing required.

We will endeavor to meet any time-frames you require, please contact us for a more personal response.

What is indexing?

Indexing is the process of naming a document or a page by either a singe or multiple references. It is the information that is used to find your document.

E.g. For a purchase invoice it may be your unique reference no. or the suppliers invoice number, name, date of invoice etc. Alternatively for HR files it may be the Employee reference number, Surname and forename.

We would discuss the level of indexing you required prior to commencing the work.

What is meant by preparation?

Preparation is the process every sheet of paper, file and document needs to go through prior to scanning.

In our opinion it’s the most important part of the document conversion process. If a file hasn’t had staples removed, corners unfolded or put in the right order then the end result will be less than perfect.

With document scanning you get out what you put in and therefore if pages enter the scanner at an angle the the scanner will capture the image at the same angle which will be less than perfect for clients.

We take care with your documents at every stage of the process to ensure their integrity is kept in tact throughout the entire process.

What happens to our paper records after you've scanned them?

Depending on your requirements we can either arrange to have your files returned or more commonly we securely destroy (shred) them for you on-site.

We provide destruction certificates upon request.

How is a job costed?

Once you make contact with us we will arrange a time to visit you to have a look at your documents to see how they are currently stored and how they are indexed i.e. how you file them today and locate them.

We will then ask how you would like to access them (by what reference) and whether it’s at file level or page etc.

Once we have this information and an idea of the quantity and output format e.g. searchable or non searchable PDF’s or Tif images.

Following our visit we will be able to provide you with a quotation were we can either quote you per job, per document or per page. We cn also break the costs down for you if you so wish to:

Scanning – Price per 1,000 pages
Indexing – Price per 1,000 keystrokes
Preparation – Price per 1,000 pages

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