With over 30 years experience in Document Scanning, handling and processing we understand how to get the most from your paper and data. We work across a variety of industry sectors and their departments helping to streamline existing business processes and get the most from their information; documents include: financial, medical, educational, operational and Human Resources to name a few. Although we understand the departmental functions and the information that’s generated and received we do not presume to know the in’s and out’s of your business processes that surround them as we know how much they can vary from one organisation to another.

The Management Team


Nick Hawkes

Managing Director


John Miller

Quality Manager


Katie Bennett

Production Manager


Gerrard Kennedy

Non-Executive Director

At Complete Scanning you would expect us to know our own business and the industry we are in; which is why whenever you engage with us the very first thing we do is LISTEN. By listening to your requirements and what your business objectives are both short and long term we can ensure that we deliver the right solution; first time, every time. Contact us for further information on 01543 543 041

Our Mission

Complete Scanning was founded with the vision of providing high quality, affordable scanning and software solutions and services to businesses throughout the United kingdom. Our aim is to continually improve our services to ensure our customers and their businesses enjoy short and long term commercial benefits.

Our Values

We are guided by a set of universal positive values, which include, respect, honesty and integrity. These values act as principles and standards that guarantee our ethical behavior towards employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the public.

Our values-based leadership and employeeship act as an empowering system that engenders trust and creates a climate in which an innovative company can flourish.

Our Promise

Is to not baffle you with acronyms, but to be engaging and personable when delivering solutions that meet your requirements, we are forward thinkers who believe in continuous improvement whilst working with our customers to exceed their expectations.

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