Image Store Professional (IS Pro)  is a cost effective easy to use document storage and retrieval system, it’s feature rich client application gives the users essential functionality making the product a must for any business.

IS Pro facilitates in-house scanning, uploading of new documents and up to 10 searchable index fields per document, enabling the user to locate the right file first time.  With its enhanced security it is best utilised on a network for departments to store and retrieve their documents safely in the knowledge that their records are controlled by permissions and can also be encrypted for added peace of mind.

Find your document in seconds!

If you have the necessary rights to view a document then with the wild card searches and quick search tool bar you’ll have the document you need in seconds.  IS Pro is fully customisable to your business not only via document and user privileges but also allowing you to insert your own logo as demonstrated here.


Image Viewer

Is Pro’s easy to use Image Viewer allows you to select what page to view and displays all additional pages as thumbnails allowing you to browse to the page you need without any fuss.

From here you can add additional pages by either scanning or retrieving from your computer and once there you can, magnify, rotate and should you wish to either print or e-mail the whole document or a selection as you wish.


Scan & Store

IS Professional has no limits on the number of users or files it can store and has the flexibility to Import and scan single or multiple files, all at the press of a button.

Enjoy the flexibility of storing scanned and electronic documents such as PDF’s


IS Pro‘s security is customisable to allow or restrict users access rights to company information. Once there the system can be configured to allow users to view, edit, delete and e-mail according to their own privileges.



Utilising our bureau facility, we can scan, index and import your documents into IS Pro; whether you have a backlog to convert or require a regular scanning service we can help.

Document Management Simplified

IS Pro is an easy to use application that enables you to file and retrieve your scanned paper and electronic documents. Say goodbye to traditional filing and start enjoying the benefits of an electronic filing system.

With its intuitive interface it is simple to incorporate into your business with the knowledge that it is supported by a company with over 25 years experience in Document Management.


  • Access to years worth of files in seconds
  • Protect your companies documents with reliable disaster recovery measures
  • Secure, shared access to all your documents
  • Free up valuable office space
  • Improve staff efficiency and reduce query response times
  • Save time, space and money.
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